The large ocean

Late 2009, I went to India.
Facing the Ganges, in Varanasi, I was contemplating water, lights, flowers, bodies. Everything was there. From birth to death. Or the opposite.

I return to Paris, await a baby. Instinctively, I sketched these maritime portraits. The child that I was carrying inside, was carrying me. These new and arising waters submerged my life, the city, each face, each body. By means of photography and the drift, I wanted to become a mother and the ocean at the same time.

So, I plunged my body and my dear ones into the water, amongst flowers and light.
People let themselves go, just float wherever the current takes them. Delivered from time, they enter into eternity.
In the "big ocean".
Pom, 2010
Elisa, 2010
Caroline, 2010
Sylvain, 2010
Nelli, 2010
Antonin, 2010
Djaz, 2010
Linda, 2010
Laurent, 2010
Léa, 2010
Valentine, 2010
Hervé, 2010
Élodie, 2010
Sandy, 2010