Capnomancy : feminine name, divination coming from a study of smoke, of its formes and colors.
I had in mind a sentence of Ernest Renan "what we say about ourselves is always poetry" , and I returned to walk in the leaves, in the middle of century-old trees.
After my series « Chimère » (Chimera), I felt that I had to go back and explore in this forest. As if it was the place of a meeting with oneself, a place of transition towards another state of being.
In fairy tales, the forest appears as a space where perceptions get confused, revealing some hidden dimensions of time and consciousness.
It was obvious to me that, once again, it would my experimentation room, my infinite workshop.
This series would be a story told from memories.
Your story, my story, our story.
I proposed to every person a journey in the intimacy of its memory, in the conquest of an immense, unique, precious memory.
They came to me, facing my camera lens, offering me the instant of a memory and I saw re-forming in front of me, through the fleeting smoke, the ghosts of the past, the illusions of the future.
It's a story. A story about childhood, origin, loneliness, travel, border, dreams, marriage, birth, infinity, absence, death, ...
It's a great story. The history of life.