VENUS - Where embraces take us

Bachelard said the forest is a state of mind.
Here the forests are burning, the trees are bending, burning, disappearing behind a white smoke.
By rubbing the pages, entering this intimate experience of friction, you will wake up the fire.
This is the way this book gives itself to you, Venus – where is the embraces lead us.
I made the red disappear, the photos are in black and white but the red is there, inside the body.
You are in the secret of a dream, the borders are troubled. The bodies are bared, ignited, masked, you are turned into an animal.
Yannick Haenel’s text penetrates the photographs, sparkles and makes us travel to a desirable country.

Press : L'intervalle, Persona, Réponses photo, Le littéraire, De l'air, L'autre quotidien, Carnet d'art, 5 rue du

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